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Why shop with Namecheap promo codes? To save money duh..

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Namecheap is a really popular web hosting company that is global they have over 11 million registered users. There are a bunch of different types of options for building a website, wordpress tools to help you, and email tools. They have a bunch of other software and security tools as well like SSL certificates. If your gonna buy from Namecheap, just do yourself a favor and use a coupon from our site… it takes a moment to find one and you will save some money.

Some ways to save at Namecheap

New customer discounts

If your a new customer you get access to a lot of discouns and promo codes that are not normally available like coupons giving 50% off and 1 USD .com domains. Some really juicy stuff for real. Usually it depends on the product you are purchasing. Businesses and individuals can use these discounts and promo codes from, but I think most businesses never use the codes… im not really sure why. There are some special coupons you can find on alternative sites there was a recent promo code that gave over 60% off a one-year VPN service. They have good products so I imagine the VPN would be pretty fast for a cheap price. Win.

Student, teacher, and educator discounts

f you are a student or teacher you show your email address with a .edu email or maybe email Namecheap with your student or teacher ID and you will get access to a nice bit of coupons/discounts for sure. This bundle includes a domain name plus one of the following:

  • Free use of the company business card maker
  • Free use of the Logo Maker feature
  • Free hosting for one year

Sign up for the newsletter

If you join the namecheap newsletter you will get emailed a bunch of discounts and coupons also. You get more than just promos and discounts they will keep you updated with all the happenings going on at Namecheap like any new product offers or even any issues with services I imagine.

Get 20% off

You can find a namecheap promo code for 20% off if you visit our main page.

How to redeem a Namecheap promo code

Add your product to your cart. Go to your cart. And scroll down there should be an option for a promo code or coupon. You can find a picture of what I am talking about on own home page. But it isn’t too hard I believe in you. During the payment process you can apply the discount code

Troubleshooting your promo code

We make sure our promo codes work all the time. However sometimes they are updated for whatever reason at Namecheap or other issues might arise. Make sure if your typing in the promo code correctly.

Also sometimes you need to purchase a certain type of product. Lets say your code is for a .com domain, and your purchasing a .net domain the discount code will not work.

Namecheap’s website will often tell you the error and reason for why the promo code is not working as well.

Top Namecheap products

Namecheap offers a lot of different stuff, but some of the ones that people love are:

  • Free logo maker: create your custom logo for free on the Namecheap website
  • VPS hosting: choose from monthly, quarterly, or yearly plans
  • SSL certificates: help secure your users’ data by encrypting your website